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Celebrating the Holidays at Pennswood Village

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, marked by all sorts of seasonal events for everyone to enjoy. At Pennswood Village, there was lots of holiday cheer to warm up the chilly winter air. From carols and cookies to stringing lights and Santa visits, it seemed as though there was always something festive going on last month!


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Hooked on Fresh Fish in the Pennswood Village Dining Room

Pennswood Village is committed to providing a unique and exceptional dining experience for residents—and the foundation of this experience is the ingredients used in cooking the meals. Pennswood cares about the sustainability and quality of the food served. Strongly believing in the Quaker tenant that we are all stewards of the Earth, the talented culinary staff has a passion for curating meals that are fresh, seasonal and locally sourced whenever possible. They not only create delicious meals, but also help support community farmers and the greater environment.

untitledOne particularly interesting facet of dining at Pennswood Village is our fish. It is quickly becoming a talking point with fresh local and exotic fish being featured on the menu. With 42 years of culinary experience, Executive Chef Steve Plescha of Pennswood doesn’t just order all the fish, make recipes and cook. He also emphasizes the importance of locally sourced fish and the farm-to-table movement by always sourcing the fish responsibly so not only the residents get the best-tasting fish, but also so the oceans remain a stable ecosystem.

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The Incredible Spirit of Giving at Pennswood Village

14November is a month for reflection and generosity. Not only will we celebrate Thanksgiving, but it is also Philanthropy Month. Pennswood Village is a caring community, as stated in our mission. Generosity as a guiding principle recognizes that residents, staff, and board are united in responsibility to each other and to the broader community. Our Quaker Guiding Principles guide our understanding of generosity and we embrace the idea that our lives together are enriched through this culture that has been sustained since our founding in 1980.

During the past year, fundraising efforts at Pennswood Village have raised over $1 million for the community’s Fellowship Fund, which provides monetary assistance for residents who have outlived their financial resources. In addition to the Fellowship Fund, Pennswood Village has other funds to benefit a variety of causes that help maintain our tradition of excellence. The Employee Scholarship Fund, for instance, helps employees with the cost of pursuing a certificate or college degree, and The Endowment Fund helps maintain the financial strength and well-being of the community and its residents.

Cultivating a Culture of Giving

There is a special atmosphere at Pennswood Village that allows for a close-knit, family-like community. With residents and employees alike both embracing and promoting traditions of generosity, the community has remained strong, and continues to grow stronger.

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Living a Meaningful Life by “Welcoming the Stranger”

Pennswood Village has a magnificent culture of giving, and the residents continuously surprise the community with their charity and volunteer work. One incredibly passionate and dedicated resident is Marguerite Chandler. A former Peace Corp member, who was active in her community throughout her working life, has dedicated her retirement to helping others full-time. In this pursuit of helping others, Marguerite has recently helped relocate a young Syrian refugee family to the Bucks County area.

Having wanted to help with the Syrian refugee crisis and understanding how frustrating, disorienting and exhausting it is to live in another country, Marguerite felt called to help this family. Knowing very little about how to relocate a refugee family in the United States, Marguerite learned quickly from those who had experience doing this work, and was joined by a group of others from all different faiths and traditions.

“The experience of working with this family, who is so appreciative and eager to succeed, gives me an enormous sense of gratitude for the goodness of people and for what we might take for granted in this country,” Marguerite explains. “The world can seem dark and unforgiving, but when you see this situation and how people came together to do wonderful things in only a short amount of time, it’s amazing. It’s those kinds of things that make life meaningful.”

In reflection of the Thanksgiving holiday, Marguerite is thankful to live at Pennswood Village, a community that embraces helping others, and where everyday chores are taken care of, so she can fully commit herself to social justice and peace building.

Below is Marguerite’s perspective on helping this young Syrian refugee family:


Written by Marguerite Chandler

Almost every faith group has an admonition to “welcome the stranger.”

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FAQ: What Makes Pennswood Village Unique?

rabbit-run1When searching for a senior living community, prospective residents are often looking for a community as unique as they are — a place to learn and grow, to relax and enjoy, as well as contribute to the wider community and the world. Some people visit Pennswood once and immediately know that this is the community they will call home and others visit many times before making a final decision.

Pennswood Village is different from other senior living communities and our residents describe what makes us unique. From the welcoming, friendly residents and our above-and-beyond staff members, to the vibrant culture, and more, Pennswood is a step above the rest.

“My wife and I visited 12 Life Care communities, mainly in Bucks County,” said Tony Spisto, a resident who recently moved to Pennswood. “We had a list of tangible criteria, including the cost, nurse to resident ratio, Medicare ratings, cleanliness, and contracts. Pennswood came out consistently on top.”

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Bucks County Retirement Community Partners with Habitat for Humanity in Mission to Provide Affordable Housing

November 15, 2016

Pennswood Village donates used materials to assist Habitat for Humanity in raising funds to provide local families with affordable housing.

Newtown, PA – Pennswood Village, an established Bucks County retirement community, has partnered with ReStore of Langhorne, a Habitat for Humanity store that sells used home goods, furnishings, appliances, cabinets, and more to raise money in order to create affordable housing for local families. When Pennswood Village renovates a residence on its campus, the gently used cabinets and appliances are donated to ReStore where they can be given a new life.

“Pennswood was one of our first partnerships, and it’s been a wonderful partnership,” says Tracy Mulvaney, manager of the ReStore in the Langhorne Square Shopping Center.

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Pennswood Village CEO Benjamin Hoyle and CFO Michael Griffin Appointed to Serve on Board of the Friends Services for Aging

November 9, 2016

Two Executives from Pennswood Village Appointed to Serve on Board of Prominent Quaker Organization


Pennswood Village CEO Benjamin Hoyle

Newtown, PA
– Pennswood Village CEO Benjamin Hoyle has been appointed to serve as Chair of the Board for Friends Services for the Aging (FSA), and Pennswood Village CFO Michael Griffin has been appointed to serve on the board as a member.

“I’m thrilled to begin my tenure as chair of the board for FSA,” said Benjamin Hoyle, Pennswood Village CEO. “As Pennswood’s CEO, I work every day to integrate Quaker principles into all that we do. To have the opportunity to work with FSA to further its mission and to collaborate with many fine institutions and leaders in senior living is truly humbling.”

FSA is a prominent Quaker organization that was founded in 1991 “as a mechanism to support Quaker-affiliated organizations providing services to older adults.” FSA provides services and support for member organizations, united in values and by continuing efforts to serve older adults on the basis of Friends’ belief in the dignity of all people. FSA and its member organizations believe that their communities and services are enriched by Quaker values that lead to policies of inclusion, diversity and nondiscrimination.

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Boundless Living in the Angled Two-Bedroom with Den

What do you see when you imagine your retirement? Hosting family and friends for the holidays? Spending time with your grandchildren? Trying out a new hobby, or renewing an old one? Or perhaps relaxing and enjoying some quiet time to yourself?37

Whatever you envision for your retirement, you can do it in Pennswood’s Angled Two-Bedroom with Den apartment home. This roomy, 1,470 square foot floor plan features an open layout, a tucked away den, two spacious bedrooms, and a beautiful balcony.

The Angled Two-Bedroomimg_2858 with Den will greet you and your guests with a warm welcome. You’ll enter into the foyer, with a spacious coat closet to the left, and the kitchen immediately to your right. With plenty of closet space, you can store much more than just your winter coat. The foyer leads into an open living space that includes the living area, kitchen, and dining area. The space is the perfect place for hosting the whole family.

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The Pioneer Conference 2016: Revolutionizing the Culture of Aging

Attendees:  Daniella Pantal, Mary Traver, Teresa Vaughan, Liz Harris, Janice Vare, Lorraine Pasadino

Attendees: Daniella Pantal, Mary Traver, Teresa Vaughan, Liz Harris, Janice Vare, Lorraine Pasadino

The Pioneer Network Conference is the nation’s most influential annual gathering of individuals and organizations that share the mission of culture change within the realm of aging services. The network advocates resident-centered care, a model of care that emphasizes the importance of the resident above all else.

The Pioneer Network Conference is just one of many efforts Pennswood Village has participated in through the years to cultivate a resident-centered culture. Pennswood’s culture is evidenced through its representation at the conference by, not just staff, but residents as well. Residents’ valued participation in shaping the community is a truly unique addition to the network that makes it much richer.

Pennswood resident Lorraine Pasadino attended this year’s conference, and she wrote the following piece about her exceptional experience:

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Exploring Middle Eastern Culinary Delights from Pennswood’s Dining Room

Photos by Nicole Jones

puff-pastry-02Pennswood residents celebrated August birthdays, Middle Eastern style, with an intriguing international exploration experienced from their own dining room. This event was a festive and flavorful mix of good friends and diverse cuisines including Arab, Persian, Israeli, Kurdish, Armenian, Georgian and Turkish foods.

appetizer-02There was chatter, big smiles and clinking of glasses as diners sampled Chef Steve’s authentic menu developed through his research of the many cultures represented. Through their combined efforts, residents indulged in intriguingly tantalizing tastes from fresh mint and rich cheeses, to creamy yogurt sauce and sweet honey.

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