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December 2014

Bikes for the World from Pennswood Village

George Kurz with Pennswood Village's 2014 Bikes for the World donation

George Kurz with Pennswood Village’s 2014 Bikes for the World donation

Conversations can change lives. Even ones that start simply: “And how are you doing?” Back in 1994, a similar polite conversation with a patient who mentioned his project of sending used bicycles overseas inspired New Jersey ophthalmologist George Kurz to learn more about collecting surplus bikes to be made available to people who need them.

“In the developing world, somebody might have to walk long distances to get to work and now (with donated bikes) they can get there in a much shorter period of time. And the bikes play an important role in kids getting to school, or people accessing health services,” George explains. The bicycles are sold at a modest cost and used primarily by working poor who don’t have ready access to affordable transportation. The bikes provide an alternative to traveling in open trucks, which can be dangerous and unreliable. Bikes for the World, based in the Washington, DC area, sends shipments of more than 450 bikes at a time to partner groups in the Caribbean, Africa, Central America and the Philippines. Read the full article »

The Fellowship Fund: An Appeal

“A caring community has evolved and is sustained. Our support of each other in our joys and our sorrows, and in ways large and small is the essence of our lives together.”

Quaker Guiding Principles at Pennswood Village, 2002

Since our opening 35 years ago, a central theme reflected in the Quaker Guiding Principles at Pennswood Village is the awareness that a caring community has evolved and is sustained. Part of this caring is the strength of our financial commitment to our residents. Out of respect for the dignity of each resident and to fulfill our charitable mission, no resident will be asked to leave the Pennswood Village community if they have outlived their financial assets.

About the Fellowship Fund

This is where the Fellowship Fund comes in. The Fellowship Fund offers residents confidential support for many of the expenses of daily living at a time when assets may have declined to a point where income and principal are inadequate to meet financial obligations. Partial or full assistance, both ongoing or temporary, is available to residents to meet their individual needs. Read the full article »