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March 2015

Pennswood Residents Show Their Stuff at the World’s First Sit-Down Fashion Show

Fashion Show 1Fabulous flea market finds were on display at the World’s First Sit-Down Fashion Show at dinner on Tuesday, March 24. The show was the culminating event of “Thrifty Is Nifty” month at Pennswood Village. About one third of the diners had decked themselves out in frugally bought finery from neckties to necklaces. That percentage exceeds the national average of 18 per cent of people who shop for second-hand stuff.

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A special choral opportunity at Pennswood Village, George School Community Chorus

Written by Helen Greven, Pennswood Village Resident

It is 6:45 p.m. on a dark and cold Sunday evening in February. About 12 of us are huddled together by the Link Door, waiting for the Pennswood bus to take us to George School’s historic Meeting House for the next rehearsal of the Community Chorus. If the weather is really bad, there will be George School maintenance staff to spread salt on our path to the Meeting House door. Many of our friends choose to stay warm and cozy in their apartments, but we, however, can’t wait for another chance to learn gorgeous music under the skilled direction of Jackie Coren, Director of Vocal Music at George School for the past 21 years.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.54.06 AM

Photo Courtesy of George School

For two hours every Sunday, for a period of five months (about 12 rehearsals in all, with a few breaks for George School vacations) we will breathe deeply, concentrate fully, sing as best we can, and feel our bodies and spirits expand. The experience of the final Concert makes all those Sunday rehearsals worth every demanding moment.

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You’ll Never Believe the Surprise Pennswood Village Residents Had for these Construction Workers

By Lorraine Pasadino, Pennswood Village Resident

construction workers at Pennswood Village

Workers from Benchmark Construction at Pennswood Village were renovating the hallways when the singing began and “For they are jolly good fellows . . .” began bellowing forth from a group of residents who staged a surprise for the construction workers.   And a surprise it was! Though several told us they had been working in construction for years, and others for decades, never before had anything like this ever happened to them.   And the this happening to them was Pennswood residents! People who, despite the disruption and inconvenience of the construction process taking place outside of their apartments, had gathered to express their gratitude to the people working on the hallway renovations. We were acknowledging the care, consideration, and integrity they have demonstrated. Read the full article »