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Pennswood Residents Show Their Stuff at the World’s First Sit-Down Fashion Show

Posted on March 27, 2015 in General

Fashion Show 1Fabulous flea market finds were on display at the World’s First Sit-Down Fashion Show at dinner on Tuesday, March 24. The show was the culminating event of “Thrifty Is Nifty” month at Pennswood Village. About one third of the diners had decked themselves out in frugally bought finery from neckties to necklaces. That percentage exceeds the national average of 18 per cent of people who shop for second-hand stuff.

Fashion Show 4

Participants picked up “brag tags” outside the dining room, jotted down where they bought their items and how little they cost and pinned on the tags.

Emcee Chuck Eisenberg roamed the dining room, interviewing people about their clothing, much of it bought at Pennswood’s own Flea Market.

Fashion Show 3

The event was part of a year-long project, The Art of Living Lightly. That’s the Environmental Concerns Committee’s contribution to the celebration of Pennswood’s 35th year celebration of The Art of Living. Earlier in the month, people had taken field trips to shop at nearby thrift stores, Marched Forth to donate unwanted items on the only day of the year that comes with instructions (March 4th), and shopped at our Flea Market.

Anne Baber, Co-Chair