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You’ll Never Believe the Surprise Pennswood Village Residents Had for these Construction Workers

Posted on March 6, 2015 in General

By Lorraine Pasadino, Pennswood Village Resident

construction workers at Pennswood Village

Workers from Benchmark Construction at Pennswood Village were renovating the hallways when the singing began and “For they are jolly good fellows . . .” began bellowing forth from a group of residents who staged a surprise for the construction workers.   And a surprise it was! Though several told us they had been working in construction for years, and others for decades, never before had anything like this ever happened to them.   And the this happening to them was Pennswood residents! People who, despite the disruption and inconvenience of the construction process taking place outside of their apartments, had gathered to express their gratitude to the people working on the hallway renovations. We were acknowledging the care, consideration, and integrity they have demonstrated.

Pennswood Village Residents

Pennwood Residents – The This that happened to the construction workers!

With the help and support of administration, food services, and the facilities department, we were able to give the workers a simple and heartfelt thank you of warm cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate with whipped cream, amidst lively conversation and laughter.

construction workers at Pennswood Village

Through this simple gesture, we hope the men experienced first hand who we are as a community. We acknowledged both the fundamental beliefs of Pennswood Village and also the integrity and care we saw in them and their work. More than 35 years ago, laborers worked on constructing the walls of our community toiled with honesty and attention to detail. Today, we acknowledged that these workers, whose hands are touching and laboring on those very same walls, are now part of us, part of the Pennswood mission. The workers’ hands of 1980 and the workers’ hands of 2015 are now entwined in the birth and stewardship of Pennswood Village. “For they are jolly good fellows . . .”

construction workers at Pennswood Village

The first two corridors to be renovated are nearing completion! These will be the first of 14 corridors to be renovated with drywall, heating and cooling systems, windows, new flooring, paint, lighting, chair rail, shelves, and an art hanging system to display resident’s art outside of their apartments. Pennswood Village anticipates that 14 of our hallways will be completely renovated by the end of 2015.


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