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July 2015

Environmental Concerns Committee Encourages Pennswood Village to Reduce Plastic Bag Usage

bagsThe Environmental Concerns Committee (ECC) at Pennswood Village is taking charge and encouraging Pennswood residents and staff to eliminate the use of plastic bags on campus and around town.

On July 7, the ECC launched an initiative to reduce plastic bag use as part of The Year of Living Lightly, by convincing staff and residents to use their own bags, baskets and bins to carry belongings from place to place. As part of Pennswood Village’s 35th Anniversary celebrations, each month this year, residents are picking up a new habit to go green – from thrift shopping to donating used goods. For the month of July, the community is focusing on using reusable bags and baskets.

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Pennswood Village Recognizes and Honors Four Exceptional Employees

Linda Squires and Patti Fedirko

Linda Squires and Patti Fedirko

It’s great to celebrate a 35th anniversary, and even greater to realize that several individuals have been along for the entire ride. It is with gratitude that we recognize Linda Squires of Resident Life, Patti Fedirko of the Village Salon, Nancy Sippes in Housekeeping, and Sandy Worrall in Resident Health.

More than anyone else on campus, these four have watched Pennswood Village grow, change and improve since 1980. Read the full article »