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Pennswood Village Recognizes and Honors Four Exceptional Employees

Posted on July 10, 2015 in Community Highlight, General, Staff Profile
Linda Squires and Patti Fedirko

Linda Squires and Patti Fedirko

It’s great to celebrate a 35th anniversary, and even greater to realize that several individuals have been along for the entire ride. It is with gratitude that we recognize Linda Squires of Resident Life, Patti Fedirko of the Village Salon, Nancy Sippes in Housekeeping, and Sandy Worrall in Resident Health.

More than anyone else on campus, these four have watched Pennswood Village grow, change and improve since 1980.


Patti Fedirko, a massage therapist and cosmetologist, began working at Pennswood Village in June 1980 as a companion. A friend called on her for help in the Village Salon that October because of her experience working in the salon that she and her mother had operated. Since then, Patti has gone from working at the salon two days a week doing wash and sets (which were very popular at the time), to giving manicures and pedicures, to regular hair styling for residents (some for as long as 27 years) to providing massage therapy.

“I grew up here,” she says. “I became the person I am today. I started at 23, and it’s helped me build my personality and my thought process.”

Patti says that the Village Salon has always been a happy place for residents to visit. As an employee at Pennswood Village, she feels that a big part of her job is to help residents meet the aging process with dignity, grace, relaxation and peace of mind.

Patti notes that the staff at Pennswood Village is remarkable. “I love the residents here, and I also really love the people I work with. They’re absolutely wonderful people,” says Patti.


Sandy Worrall, who works in the Pennswood Village Resident Health Office, notes that, “After being a part of this community for 35 years, I’m starting to see the next generation of some families. Many of the people I take care of tell me their mother or father also lived here. They often recognize me and relate.”

Sandy still remembers her first, very busy days in the nursing department—making beds and preparing for residents. She enjoys working in geriatric nursing the most, and loves the face-to-face relationships with residents.

Through the years, Sandy has worked in several areas of our health care departments. She currently schedules appointments, answers phones and assists residents in the Resident Health office. “I was hands-on for more than 33 years of my time here,” says Sandy. “That part of my experience holds the fondest memories.”

Sandy has stayed at Pennswood Village for all these years because of the exceptional staff. “Everyone works together, willing to go to any length to help,” she says. “It’s just a great place to work.”


Linda Squires is the Pennswood Village Community Services Manager. Her career here began 35 years ago with a position as a receptionist. “I’ve never had a day where I didn’t feel like coming to work,” says Linda.

She remembers that her first few days here were hectic, moving in 10 families or more each day for weeks. At that time, Linda processed the paperwork for incoming residents and answered phones—always managing to do about four different jobs at once.

“I still have the energy to do what I do and I enjoy doing it. My favorite thing is to help people make the move, to smooth their transition,” says Linda. This is the essence of her current job, where she assists residents with the transfer from independent living to personal care and skilled nursing. She likes to make sure the residents have everything they need for a smooth transition.


Nancy has worked in the Housekeeping Department since 1980. “Nancy has been a dedicated employee since Pennswood’s beginning,” said Mary Kay Martin, Pennswood’s Housekeeping Manager. “She is a dependable team player and we can always count on her to get the job done. Over the years she has helped train countless employees and is a true professional.”

It is the people—residents and employees alike— who make Pennswood Village a community to be proud of. These four people epitomize the dedication and caring spirit we encourage in all of our employees.

For more information about the exceptionally dedicated staff at Pennswood Village, call us at 866-740-4977.