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FAQ: Are My Guests Welcome at Pennswood Village?

Posted on August 14, 2015 in General

Many new residents at Pennswood Village ask if their guests are welcome to visit. The answer is: of course! The Quaker values we hold so dear at Pennswood Village emphasize the importance of relationships with family and friends, and to be welcoming to all. With this in mind, we enjoy when our residents invite friends, family, and loved ones to visit, spend time and enjoy the campus along with us.


Phillip Otey, Todd Waymon (resident), Alex Otey and Patrick Otey enjoying the bocce court together at Pennswood.

One great aspect of living at Pennswood Village is the freedom to invite guests however and whenever you choose. Whether you enjoy having family visit for a few days, new and old friends visit for lunch, or throwing dinner parties in your home, your guests are always welcome to visit at Pennswood Village.

Short-term guests may stay in apartment homes with hosts for up to two weeks at a time. To better accommodate guests, you can request the use of cots, cribs and aero beds with linens from housekeeping for a small fee, with 24 hour notice. If you’re having family visit for the holidays, or out of town friends stay a few days, you can invite them to stay in your home, just as you normally would.

On the other hand, guests may also choose to stay in one of our guest rooms available to family and friends of residents for a fee. Guest rooms may be reserved in advance and are available on a first come first served basis. One of the guest rooms is even pet-friendly!

When your guests arrive at Pennswood Village, they will typically check-in at the reception desk. This ensures that your guests are accounted for in case of emergency. Then, they are welcome to enjoy the community along with you and spend time in either your apartment home or guest room.

The guests you invite may come and go as they please, and are welcome in many aspects of the community. For example, your guests are welcome to dine with you in the dining rooms whether they visit for one meal or for a few, and invited to participate in community events, or join you in the pools or in the gym. The community enjoys when residents bring family members of all ages to events and activities.

Do you enjoy cooking for your guests? Throw a dinner party! Call a few friends and family and enjoy cooking together in the comfort of our own home. Dining services also offers full-service catering on occasions when cooking is not on the menu. Perhaps you like to host a game night once a week with your grandkids, or host the entire family for Christmas. Best of all, with a maintenance-free lifestyle at Pennswood Village, you can spend less time on maintaining a house, and more time with your family and friends.

For more information about what it’s like to live at Pennswood Village, call us today at 866-740-4977.