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October 2015

Computer Learning Month at Pennswood Village

penndayone-1632 copyOctober was Computer Learning Month, a month to celebrate how to learn, use, and integrate computers and technology into everyday life.

With over 100 GB of data travelling over our campus-wide WiFi system every day, and up to 300 devices logged-on daily, residents at Pennswood Village take their technology seriously. They are ever eager to learn how to use their technology better, and how to incorporate new technology into their daily lives.

Ten years ago, two residents, Jo Gross and Barbara Sellers, came together to begin a help group for learning about technology. As a result, Pennswood Village’s resident-run Tech Center was created!

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Transformations: Art from Trash Exhibit Opens in Fiberworks Gallery

Jointly sponsored by the Fiberworks Gallery and the Environmental Concerns Committee, on Sunday afternoon October 4, the Fiberworks exhibition entitled, “TRANSFORMATIONS: ART FROM TRASH,” opened in the Passmore Lounge, the gallery’s new location. Participants were encouraged by organizers Daisy Grubbs and Ann Baker to create three-dimensional works in relief or free-standing using materials normally consigned to trash bins or baskets. The result of their hard work is a thoroughly delightful, creative display of art by the skilled and unskilled.


Styrofoam Dandy

The spirit of the show is deftly captured by Beth Barnes in her “Chaos” composed of a paint covered dish drain and found objects hung side by side with Ann Baker’s slick “Styrofoam Dandy,” Styrofoam plus plastic pellets. Other found objects are celebrated by Leslie Wendell in “Presents from Maud,” her much loved pet dog. Miniature clothes pins, string, photographs and a frame become “Captured Time” in the hands of Mary Kay Martin.

Presents from Maud

Presents from Maud

A particularly unusual transformation was executed by Art Crooke, a boat transom retrieved by a scuba diver morphed into a coffee table.


Atop his sister Daisy Grubbs’ clever doll house are several unique solar panels made from sponges, foil, and plastic straws.


An assemblage/cum collage cut from the inserts of Android packaging and entitled “Mask” by Edith Newmark, harks back to the second decade of the nineteen hundreds when Pablo Picasso created the guitars that introduced the modern collage to the French art world.


This is just a sampling of the many charming objects which will cheer your passage through Passmore Lounge until the end of the year.





by Nancy Warfield for the Fiberworks Gallery and Environmental Concerns Committee

Safety and Security at Pennswood Village

Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller-Champalou, Director of Corporate Compliance and Risk.

There are many advantages to living at Pennswood Village. But, one of the most popular reasons retirees choose community living is the safety and security that comes along with it.

Fire Prevention Day was October 9, and a good day to recognize the many ways Pennswood Village prevents and prepares for emergencies under the guidance of Dawn Miller-Champalou, Pennswood’s Director of Corporate Compliance and Risk.

“We always plan for the ‘what if’ factor,” says Dawn.

Dawn has been working at Pennswood Village for the past 11 years in the areas of compliance, risk management, and overall safety programs and procedures. With 15 years of managing disaster relief with the Red Cross, Dawn has a strong background in emergency management.

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Quaker Guiding Principles at Pennswood Village

Equality * Integrity * Stewardship * Simplicity * Peace and Non-Violence * and Community.

Here at Pennswood Village our Quaker Guiding Principles inform how we live together in community and how we manage our community. Pennswood Village was founded on these philosophies, and they continue to guide us in all that we do.

Those who are not familiar with the Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends, frequently ask us about Quaker philosophies, what they mean, and how they make Pennswood a welcoming, caring, and peaceful place to retire. We feel that these principles make us a hospitable, inclusive place for everyone. Although you may not share our Quaker beliefs (and that’s okay – we welcome people of all faiths and belief systems!), it’s important for us to share them with you because they are the foundation of our community.

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