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A Maintenance-Free Winter at Pennswood Village

Posted on December 22, 2015 in General

Shoveling snowToday is the first day of winter, and we all know what that means: snow, ice, wind, and cold are on their way. Even though this fall has been unseasonably warm for Bucks County, we can expect colder winter weather to come soon.

While some people claim that winter is their favorite season, for many of us, it’s a time for shoveling, salting, winterizing and staying indoors to avoid the cold.

schwartz xcountry4However, for the residents at Pennswood Village, winter is instead a time for holiday celebrations, family visits, day trips, social events and more. That’s because the landscape and maintenance crew at Pennswood Village takes care of all the snow removal and winter chores for you, leaving you free to spend the winter months exactly how you choose. Cozy up by the fire or see a movie in Penn Hall. If you enjoy winter sports on the other hand, take advantage of Pennswood’s snowy campus for cross-country skiing.

Some retirees choose to move to warm, faraway places to avoid the cold winter months, sacrificing their close proximity to family members and loved ones. But, when the snow and ice is taken care of for you at Pennswood, you can stay close to the ones who mean the most.

Feb 10 snow iiDrew Mason, Landscape Manager at Pennswood Village, and the landscape crew, are in charge of making sure that the sidewalks and roadways are always kept clear of snow and ice. If a winter storm is especially harsh, the maintenance crew is known to pitch in too. All of these people are on hand to ensure that there is plenty of manpower to take care of the winter mess, so you don’t have to.

The crew uses two trucks, two tractors, and four utility vehicles to help them get the job done. “We can go through at least 60 tons of ice melt in a season. If the weather is more severe, that number can easily double,” says Drew. They constantly monitor conditions to determine what actions need to be taken, and are even known to stay on campus around the clock until the end of the storm.

winter flag and snowTheir first priority is to keep the campus snow route clear, which consists of all major walkways through the village. Then, they clear the parking lots, including all the snow in between cars. Because of these services, residents are able to reach their cars easily to make any necessary trips off campus. If you prefer not to drive in the snow, Pennswood transportation services can get you where you need to go.

Snow on balconyWinter is also an excellent time to take advantage of the many indoor amenities and services that are right here on campus. Cozy up in Penn Hall auditorium for a movie, or take a swim in our warm-water exercise pool. Browse through the art galleries, spend the afternoon in the salon, or visit the library. There are so many things to do on campus while staying out of the cold.

Make winter your favorite season at Pennswood Village, and enjoy the colder months, rather than worrying about shoveling and salting. For more information on what it’s like to live at Pennswood Village, call us today
at 866-740-4977.