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February 2016

A Life Transformed with Nordic Poles

Nancy Arnold

Nancy Arnold

Pennswood Village residents Nancy and Henry Arnold were planning a trip to Paris last year. As former life-long New Yorkers, they thrive in an urban setting and were looking forward to seeing as much of the City of Lights as possible – on foot, like good urban dwellers. Nancy was challenged by growing health concerns that her trip to Paris would change from long strolls by the Seine and hours in museums to being unable to participate in these activities. Coffee sitting in cafes is only enjoyable up to a point. The neuropathy in her feet was getting worse and she had recently begun using a walker to help with stability and balance. Her back had begun to curve from all of the looking down that she needed to do to maintain her balance.

After talking about the challenges of bringing a walker to Paris, Henry suggested she try Nordic Poles, something they had seen all ages using throughout a lifetime of travel in Europe. Nancy got her first set of poles in June and “immediately I felt a change in my body,” she says.

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World Café: A Celebration of Diversity

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Last November, the Pennswood community gathered to recognize and celebrate diversity at a World Café event, organized and hosted by the Pennswood Village Diversity Task Force. Residents, staff, board, and guests came together to answer one stimulating question about family, traditions, learning, culture, and more.

Marsha Wesley Coleman, Director of Leadership Development and Training at Friends Services for the Aging, facilitated the workshop, leading the group with the question “What family traditions and cultures have been most impactful to your life’s journey?”

IMG_2767World Café is a powerful social technology and methodology for engaging people in conversations that matter. Based on the understanding that conversation is the core process that drives personal, business, and organizational life, the World Café is more than a method, a process, or technique – it’s a way of thinking and being together sourced in a philosophy of conversational leadership.

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