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The Incredible Spirit of Giving at Pennswood Village

Posted on November 29, 2016 in Community Highlight, General

14November is a month for reflection and generosity. Not only will we celebrate Thanksgiving, but it is also Philanthropy Month. Pennswood Village is a caring community, as stated in our mission. Generosity as a guiding principle recognizes that residents, staff, and board are united in responsibility to each other and to the broader community. Our Quaker Guiding Principles guide our understanding of generosity and we embrace the idea that our lives together are enriched through this culture that has been sustained since our founding in 1980.

During the past year, fundraising efforts at Pennswood Village have raised over $1 million for the community’s Fellowship Fund, which provides monetary assistance for residents who have outlived their financial resources. In addition to the Fellowship Fund, Pennswood Village has other funds to benefit a variety of causes that help maintain our tradition of excellence. The Employee Scholarship Fund, for instance, helps employees with the cost of pursuing a certificate or college degree, and The Endowment Fund helps maintain the financial strength and well-being of the community and its residents.

Cultivating a Culture of Giving

There is a special atmosphere at Pennswood Village that allows for a close-knit, family-like community. With residents and employees alike both embracing and promoting traditions of generosity, the community has remained strong, and continues to grow stronger.

“Pennswood Village has a wonderful culture of giving, and I am excited to help foster that culture even further,” says Susan Abtouche, Director of Development at Pennswood Village. “When a community is dedicated to the spirit of giving like Pennswood is, the environment becomes a special place for all. This philanthropy month, I’m excited to share the many ways the Pennswood community gives, and reflect on the past year’s growth.”

img_2416Ev and Kay Pinneo have been residents at Pennswood Village for seven years. The sense of community and compassion from the staff were aspects that initially drew them to Pennswood. It’s the culture of giving, and their own experiences in the community that have inspired them to give back. They recently contributed a monetary gift to the Employee Scholarship Fund after having a profound experience that made them appreciate the value of the employees at Pennswood. Ev shares their story:

My wife and I had been living independently and pretty much in charge of our own care since we arrived here, and we liked the staff that we ran into, but the experience of breaking my hip and living in nursing care for about a month this year had a great effect on us. When something unexpected happens, like my injury, you slow down long enough to realize that there are a lot of good folks around here who are caring and who are talented in what they do. From the people who come and clean the apartment once a week and the food service people, to the people in the fitness gym who keep us in shape and so on, it makes you stop and think about all the work the staff does. We realized that the several hundred staff members around here that serve close to 400 residents are very much a part of what makes this a warm and caring community. Between us, we recognized our need for and appreciation of these good souls. And I think that as a community, we are growing in our recognition that Pennswood, as a nonprofit organization, needs support like any other nonprofit we’ve been used to paying attention to over the years does. The Quaker principles of peace and caring for each other, the sense of community, and a spirit of giving permeates Pennswood and inspires our giving. We are thankful for where we are located, for knowing that we are well taken care of, and for the new friends and relationships we have developed over the years here.

linda-and-pattiLinda Squires, the Community Services Manager at Pennswood Village has worked here for 37 years, and recently donated to the Fellowship Fund because of her immense pride in the community. Linda shares her story:

I have so much pride in Pennswood Village. I’m just really grateful to be associated with this community. It’s been almost a kind of education to work here with the residents and to see all the different ways that they live and the different things that they’ve done, and I just feel like we’re one big family. I have to admit that there was a time where I used to think “why should I contribute,” but then I realized that if our Fellowship Fund runs out, Pennswood has to support these residents, and then we would have to start cutting back on services, which would hurt both the residents and staff, who might lose their jobs. The real moment I was inspired to give was after I went to a meeting where Ben Hoyle [Pennswood’s CEO] spoke. A lot of the residents stood up and talked about why they moved here and about how wonderful the staff is, and I just felt so proud when I came out of the meeting that I thought, “I’m going to make a significant donation now.” I had given some smaller donations before, but I just wanted to be a part of the giving. I had witnessed the spirit of giving at Pennswood before when last year $80,000 was given just towards the staff Christmas bonus and when this year for the 35th anniversary of Pennswood, I watched the thermometer go up and up and up to reach a million dollars, and I think that’s just another reason why I wanted to be a part of it. When the community has a spirit of giving it helps the community to continue. I think everyone benefits when their neighbors and their friends share; it’s kind of infectious. In addition to being thankful for the community at Pennswood, I am thankful for my family, my career and health.

How You Can Help

When you give to Pennswood Village, you are investing in the future of Pennswood residents, helping staff members advance their education, helping to shape the future of senior living, and making it possible for Pennswood Village to serve the needs of generations to come.

Pennswood Village is a non-profit, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), making your charitable donations tax exempt.

If you would like to contribute to the funds at Pennswood Village, here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Give online at
  • Write a check to “Pennswood Village.” If you wish to designate particular funds, please note it in the memo line on the check. Checks can be mailed to 1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd., Newtown, PA 18940.
  • Donate securities. Check with your tax advisor; there may be advantages to donating stocks that have appreciated in value.
  • Include Pennswood in your will and become a member of the Founders Society. Our lives are enriched every day because previous residents left money to Pennswood in their estate plans.
  • Acquire a Charitable Gift Annuity and become a member of the Founders Society. If you are able to contribute at least $5,000, you may choose to receive a guaranteed income for life at high fixed-annuity rates for you or a designated beneficiary. Our Director of Development, Susan Abtouche, (215-759-1068) will be happy to give you more information about this and other donation options.

Thank you for your continued support of Pennswood Village. To make a donation, visit our Giving Page, or call us at 866-740-4977.