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FAQ: I’m not ready for a retirement community! Shouldn’t I wait?

Posted on September 15, 2017 in Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has a different idea of what a retirement community looks like, which is why many retirees may think they’re just not ready to move to one yet.

People often assume that it’s better to wait until their needs change to start planning a move. However, many senior living experts agree that the best time to make a move to a retirement community is while you’re active and able to plan thoroughly for the future.

Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, like Pennswood Village, means having a solid plan for the future. Because we offer independent living, in addition to personal care and skilled nursing services, if your needs are to ever unexpectedly change, they will be met, right here on campus.

Too often, retirees decide not to plan a move to a senior living community until an immediate change in needs occurs, or during a time of crisis. Waiting until a time of crisis means you’re more likely to make a rushed, pressured decision. Rushed decisions could mean moving to a community that doesn’t match your lifestyle or meet each of your unique needs, increasing your chances of having to move again later down the road.

Choosing to move as an active older adult also provides more opportunities to enjoy a maintenance-free, retirement lifestyle. You’ll be free from the constant work of maintaining a house and yard, giving you time to do the things you love most. Waiting until you need assistance could mean sacrificing opportunities to spend more time with family and friends, pursuing passions and living your retirement years to the fullest.

Not retired? No problem! Many residents continue to work and volunteer throughout their retirement, yet still call Pennswood their home. In fact, many residents who do continue their careers at a retirement community find it more enjoyable because they’re not simultaneously preoccupied with caring for a house.

A Time-Consuming, Trying Sale

Waiting to move, and thus waiting to sell your house could also have a negative impact on the future of your retirement. As homes age, they can decrease in value, meaning a lower listing price. Also, depending on when you choose to sell, an increase in mortgage interest rates could mean a lesser return on your hard earned asset. As interest rates rise, buyers can only afford lower listing prices to accommodate for the higher rate.

Many other factors outside of your control can affect the value of your house as well, including comparable listings in the area, your neighbors, and even school districts.

Choosing to sell your house while the market is strong means you can avoid the possibility of needing to quickly sell in an unpredicted, future market.

Selling a house during a crisis situation can add an additional layer of stress to an already stressful time. The house-selling process can sometimes be unpredictable, and take long periods of time, delaying move-in dates, and therefore delaying the personal care or nursing care services you may need.

Your Preferred Residence

At retirement communities, there are often wait lists for in-demand apartment homes that can sometimes span years. Even if you’re not ready to move to a retirement community just yet, planning your move, selecting your residence, and joining a wait list in advance can be a great way to prepare.

If you would like to make Pennswood Village your home, there are several floor plans that are currently available with no wait list! Among them are the expanded one-bedroom and regular one-bedroom floor plans. Make the best move for your future, and plan accordingly.

To learn more about residence availability and to learn more about the benefits of moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, please give us a call at 866-740-4977.