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Top Tips for Home Staging

Posted on January 12, 2018 in General

Anyone who is selling a house to move to a retirement community should know the importance of home staging. The process of home staging consists of simple changes and repairs that will make your house appeal to the greatest number of buyers. The goal is to create a space where buyers can imagine their own ideal lifestyle in the home.

An example of a staged home

Staging a house can also help it stand out from other competition in the neighborhood, and the investment in staging is a lower cost than a first price reduction. It results in a quick sale, for the best possible price, meaning you’ll be able to begin your maintenance-free retirement community lifestyle sooner rather than later.

Changes can range from a few throw pillows and minor repairs, to repainting or rearranging furniture. As you begin to prepare your house for the market, follow these few tips to ensure a quick sale for a great price.

1.) Rightsize

When you move to a retirement community like Pennswood Village, you’ll want to take the time to reduce your belongings in order to gain an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. We refer to this process as rightsizing. It’s best to begin this process significantly in advance, so that you can complete the work in smaller portions over time to reduce any clutter or stored items throughout the house.

Removing any extra personal belongings will also make spaces appear larger, and give buyers the opportunity to envision their own belongings in the space. For more tips on rightsizing, you can visit our blog here.

2.) Keep it light

Make some simple changes to keep things light and bright throughout the house. For example, consider painting or refinishing any dark rooms, cabinets or features. Replace dim bulbs with brighter ones. Hang mirrors in darker areas, such as hallways, to reflect more light. Add light accents to furniture and tables.

These are just a few examples of ways you can bring more light into the house, making it feel more spacious and bright. Since today’s buyers prefer open spaces and layouts, making your home appear lighter will make the home more appealing to them.

3.) Make small repairs

Take the time to walk through each room in your house and make any minor fixes you can find, such as quieting squeaky doors, filling nicks and holes, installing new switch plates, touching up paint, and cleaning carpets and drapes. Pay special attention in the kitchen and bathrooms to replace discolored grout, sanitize and deodorize drains, and clean fixtures.

4.) Change it up

Look at your current furniture arrangement, and consider ways to rearrange it so that it opens the space. Create flow and cozy spaces by opening walkways and bringing attention to unique features. You want the buyer to feel invited into the space, and rearranging furniture to open up the room can be a successful way to do so.

5.) If you need it, ask for help

If there are any staging projects that you feel are out of your own creative or logistical abilities, hire a professional who will be able to help. Painters, repairmen and professional stagers can make your home staging process simple. Keep in mind that the cost of staging will be lower than the initial price reduction, so spending money on professionals is truly an investment.

Another tip to follow before putting your home on the market is to hire a professional home appraiser. Knowing the value of your home will help you price it appropriately and ensure a quick sale. Pricing your home too high could result in a longer sale for a lower sale price, and pricing too low could mean losing out on your hard-earned assets.

Even if you were to start at a high asking price and lower it over time, buyers often become wary the longer a house stays on the market, unsure of why it hasn’t sold yet. Pennswood Village can assist you in finding the right stager, rightsizing partner, realtor, and home appraiser, so give us a call at 866-740-4977 today!