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It takes a village … to get ready for a 74th wedding anniversary celebration!

Posted on February 14, 2018 in Resident Profile

This past month, Pennswood residents Ruth and Charley Peterson happily celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary. While they didn’t want to host a big celebration, they decided they would mark the special occasion with a formal dinner in the Pennswood Village dining room. But, as they found out, it takes a village to get ready for a 74th wedding anniversary celebration!

As Ruth and Charley began to assemble their best formal attire for the occasion, they soon ran into a few problems. Charley’s tuxedo trousers that he had worn in the past no longer correctly fit him so he was left with only a shirt and jacket.

“We thought to ourselves ‘Who would have a pair of tuxedo trousers that would fit him?’,” said Ruth.

Thankfully, another friendly resident was able to help and let Charley borrow both his pair of tuxedo trousers and a cummerbund. Even though the cummerbund didn’t fit exactly right, Charley secured it with the help of a rubber band or two! Then, after borrowing a pair of cufflinks from another resident, Charley’s tuxedo was complete.

Ruth wore a lovely dress that was just a touch too long and required some shoes with a little bit of height. Because her heels boasted delicate straps and tiny buckles, they enlisted the help of Kim Superfine, a staff member in marketing who they ran into on the way to the dining room with more nimble fingers, to help secure them.

After their stroll to the dining room, staff members gifted them with a tiara and top hat, both decorated with the number 74 to complete the whole ensemble. A few other staff members greeted them, each holding flowers, which mimicked a wedding party, and their table was decorated with flowers and balloons.

“It all comes back to how much the community cares for one another,” says Ruth. The same sense of community is what attracted the couple when they first moved to Pennswood more than two decades ago.

Charley recommends to those considering a move to Pennswood to “come early and have fun.” Charley adds, “and in the past 23 years, we’ve been having a LOT of fun!”

“And, we’re really looking forward to our 75th!” says Ruth.

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