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FAQ: What are the benefits of choosing a not-for-profit CCRC?

Posted on March 27, 2018 in Frequently Asked Questions

Pennswood Village is a proud, not-for-profit continuing care retirement community (CCRC) located in Bucks County, PA. With a nationally respected name and a BBB+ Fitch rating, we offer seniors a maintenance-free retirement lifestyle in an inclusive community.

Part of our commitment to residents includes our not-for-profit status. Being a not-for-profit retirement community means that once all of our operating costs are met, any additional funds are reinvested back into the community. This not-for-profit status can make a significant difference in the lives of residents and staff members alike and create a positive environment of support and growth.

The Difference in Service

In addition to independent living, Pennswood Village also offers personal care and skilled nursing services. When it comes to care, studies have shown that not-for-profit communities typically come out on top in terms of quality and price. This is because not-for-profit CCRCs, like Pennswood Village, tend to devote more resources to residents, their families and staff.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 82% of retirement communities in the United States are private, for-profit organizations, and 38% of retirement communities are chain affiliated. However, Pennswood Village is an independent, established community, our independence gives us the freedom to make resident-driven decisions, rather than a top-down form of leadership.

Resident and Staff Focused

Pennswood has several funds dedicated to helping both residents and staff. For example, scholarships are awarded to deserving staff members for professional development. Other professional development opportunities include on-site training to learn how to work with residents who have cognitive disabilities or diseases.

Pennswood is also proud of its Fellowship Fund, which is dedicated to residents who outlive their financial assets. Life Care Residents will never be asked to leave if they have exhausted funds through no fault of their own. This assurance gives residents additional peace of mind.

At Pennswood Village, you’ll become part of our community and have reliability for the future. You’ll have access to exceptional, on-site healthcare services provided by outstanding staff members, should your needs ever change. And, you’ll always have a home at Pennswood Village, even if you outlive your resources.

For more information about life at Pennswood Village, give us a call today at 866-740-4977, or visit us online.