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What healthcare options are available at Pennswood Village?

Posted on July 13, 2018 in Frequently Asked Questions, General

One of the most important advantages to living here is the excellent healthcare at Pennswood Village, which is available to all residents if he or she experiences a health challenge.

“Staying healthy is a big part of aging successfully,” Charles Whitlock, Director of Health Services for Pennswood Village, says. “People who are just starting to learn about our community usually focus on this vital topic from the beginning.

“I’m glad it is top of mind for them, as it gives me a chance to show what a great advantage it is to live here if you experience a health issue,” he explains.

Residents at Pennswood Village who have chosen the Life Care contract can receive short-term skilled nursing care, personal care and professional home care, when prescribed by a Pennswood practitioner, at no additional cost beyond the normal monthly fee they pay for their independent living apartment. Those who choose the Fee-for-Service contract option have access to these services at a per diem rate.

“Many of the people I talk to know someone who has experienced a health problem that has had a temporary but very real impact on their ability to live independently,” Charles says. “If you’ve sustained an injury from a fall, or are recovering from an attack of shingles, or the flu, you know you’re going to need help while you recuperate.”

“If you live in a house instead of a community like Pennswood, that can put a lot of stress on your spouse or partner, or on your family and friends if you live alone,” he continues. “And it’s an additional worry for you at a time when you can least deal with it.”

“Pennswood Village residents have that kind of care right at hand when they need it! It’s a tremendous relief for them, especially since this temporary care is provided as part of their normal monthly fee if they opt for a Life Care contract. Those who opt for a Fee-for-Service contract instead also have access to temporary care at a daily rate,” he points out.

The right care, for all needs

Of course, sometimes a person’s health will take a turn that will require a more long-term approach and a shift to either a personal care residence or a skilled nursing care residence. Pennswood Village offers the option of studios or expanded studios in Barclay House to those who need a personal care residence, and a choice of semi-private or private residences in Woolman House for those needing skilled nursing care.

“Knowing that they can stay in the community even if they need increased care is reassuring to our independent residents,” Charles says. “Our staff members – including our clinical staff as well as social workers —  are experienced at helping people in these situations, and provide support and resources through the transition.”

Once a resident on a Life Care contract makes a permanent move to a personal care residence or skilled nursing care residence, he or she no longer pays the independent living fee (unless he or she has a spouse who continues to live in the independent living unit). Instead, the resident pays the health center fee for the care level and residence type to which he or she has moved.

“Our Life Care health center fees are extremely reasonable and well in line with the fee structure of our independent living residences,” Charles explains.

Residents on a Fee-for-Service contract pay a daily rate for long term care, if needed. Upon a permanent move, the health care fee replaces the monthly fee paid in independent living.

Knowing that higher levels of care are readily available for both short-term and long-term health issues is a huge reassurance for Pennswood Village’s active and independent residents. These residents also appreciate the many medical support services at the community, including the on-campus medical clinic (which provides doctors, nurse practitioners, exams, and lab services), 24-hour emergency response, transportation off campus to physicians and hospitals, and an on-campus pharmacy. Combined with the community’s many resources focusing on wellness, fitness and preventive care, these services make Pennswood Village an outstanding choice for those seeking an active and worry-free lifestyle.

For more information about the many health support services available to Pennswood Village residents, call the community’s Marketing Department at 215-504-1118, or send an email to