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Meet Mary Wademan: From New York to Newtown

Posted on August 24, 2018 in Resident Profile

When Mary Wademan decided to move from Manhattan’s Upper East Side to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), she was sure of one thing – or so she thought.

“For heaven’s sake, I’m not moving to Pennsylvania!” Mary exclaimed to her daughter, who knew about Pennswood Village from living in Princeton, New Jersey. Once Mary and her family visited Pennswood for the first time, however, Mary’s mindset on moving from NYC to Pennsylvania completely changed.

“My daughter suggested that we take a tour of Pennswood Village, and it was wonderful,” Mary said. “The whole vibe, right as you walk in the front door is so upbeat and positive.”

Mary Wademan was glad, after all, that she made the move from New York to a retirement community, and even happier that she chose Pennswood Village.

Mary knew that she would be moving to a CCRC, and like most people do, she visited a few communities as part of the search for her new home. Seeing Pennswood changed her perception of what a CCRC could look like.

“You look around at these other CCRCs, especially closer to New York, and they all look like cramped, high-rise buildings,” Mary lamented. “But Pennswood has the perfect balance of space and closeness. The community feels expansive on its 82 acres, but it’s also very homelike and it feels like somewhere you can get to know everyone.”

Once she found the residence that she liked, one with a wonderful view of Pennswood’s specimen trees, plantings, and beautiful campus, Mary enthusiastically dove in and made the move.

“Right away, I felt very much at home,” Mary shared. “Everyone was friendly, people reached out to have dinner, and I felt comfortable and delighted with my surroundings.”

Who says you can’t come home again?

“One of the things many New Yorkers fear when contemplating a move out of the city,” Mary says, “is that it will be difficult to access the city that I had called home for more than 50 years.”

“With Pennswood’s complimentary shuttle to the Hamilton train station in New Jersey,” Mary continues, “it’s easy to get back to visit family, friends, and the arts and culture that I still like to take part in.”

Mary is also delighted with the many cultural trips to Philadelphia, Princeton, and Bucks County museums, galleries, and other attractions that Pennswood offers. “It’s country living with easy – and regular – access to several great cities.”

Spirited living and delightful dining

As part of the active community at Pennswood, Mary enjoys serving on the resident art committee, arranging fresh flowers, and coordinating the activity she started herself, the “Sunday at the Opera” program.

“On one Sunday each month, we screen operas for whoever’s interested,” Mary explained. “It’s an example of how if there’s something you want to do, the resident association here will support you. Most of our activities are run by the residents themselves.”

One of Mary’s favorite places is her balcony, where she enjoys looking out over the campus. “The plantings are absolutely beautiful – it’s like living in an arboretum, just heavenly!”

Mary also enjoys the vibrant atmosphere of one of her favorite places at Pennswood, the main dining room, where she said the food is “sensational.”

“Inviting people to make up a table is a lot of fun in the dining room,” Mary said. “I love the upbeat way that people come together in there, and the waitstaff is delightful.

A foundation of friendship

Although Mary noted that the majority of residents at Pennswood Village are not Quaker by faith, she appreciates how Pennswood’s Quaker foundation guides the community’s lifestyle and personality.

“The residents and staff are so lovely and pleasant, all helping each other, and it comes from the Quaker foundation of generosity of spirit,” Mary shared. “The attitude of everyone here is so vibrant, engaged and interested. Regardless of where we are in life, we’re all young in spirit and young at heart!”

Mary’s life changed when she visited Pennswood Village for a tour, and we invite you to do the same. To schedule your personalized tour, click here or call 215-514-1118!