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What to Expect When You Make the Call to Pennswood Village

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Frequently Asked Questions, Staff Profile

It all begins with a phone call. For some, this call might mean freedom from taking care of a house, the ability to meet friends for dinner again, and the knowledge that we’re here to help with current and future health care. For others, the call might be filled with fear and trepidation about an unknown: Am I ready for a senior living community?

Whether you are excited or nervous about making the call, or somewhere in the middle, your call will be answered by a friendly and knowledgeable member of our marketing team here at Pennswood Village. One of our Sales Counselors will answer any questions you may have about Pennswood and find out more about you – where are you living now, when would you anticipate making a move, what are you looking for in a senior living community, have you visited other communities, and others.

We highly encourage anyone who is looking for information on Pennswood Village to visit for an appointment with our staff. During your initial visit, the marketing team will answer your questions about Pennswood Village, tell you about our community and what we have to offer, and get to know you so that we may customize a tour of our community for you. On the tour, we’ll typically show you our art galleries, our dining venues, the library, auditorium, fitness and aquatics center, and several apartment sizes of your choice.

From left to right: Kim Superfine, Sales Counselor, Mariann Keogh, Sales Counselor, Jennifer Doone, Marketing Director, Lisa Dutter, Marketing Coordinator, Jo Ann Kaupp, Personal Moving Consultant

There is much to see and take in on a visit to our campus, and we encourage anyone who is thinking about Pennswood –whether you anticipate moving within the year or not for many years down the road—to come back for return visits. We’d love to get to know you so that we may help you make a decision that will work for you.

Our guests also enjoy visiting additional parts of campus on return visits and we encourage guests to meet with current residents while visiting campus. If you’re thinking of moving to Pennswood, we’d like you to have the opportunity to talk to those who live here already, have a meal here to taste the food, or come to an event in Penn Hall.

We even offer the opportunity to stay here in an apartment to try us on for one, two or three nights. This complimentary stay will give you an accurate indication of what it feels like to live at Pennswood.

Our marketing team, as well as all of the staff at Pennswood, takes great pride in our Quaker heritage. We value equality, integrity, stewardship, simplicity, non-violence, peace and community. These values can be seen, felt and heard throughout our community. It all begins with a phone call. Call 866-740-4977 today to schedule your tour.