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Pennswood Newcomers Club: Exploring Your New Community Lifestyle

Posted on March 22, 2019 in Community Highlight, General

Your first day at a retirement community is exciting, nerve-wracking and full of new things. Maybe you’re not sure where to grab a bite to eat, how to get to the pool, or how to get involved in an activity. There are so many new places to see and people to meet, and you may not be sure of just where to start.

That’s where the Pennswood Village Newcomers Club comes in—a club dedicated to helping new Pennswood residents become acclimated with the many opportunities available. The Club, which first started in November of 2016, helps new residents get oriented to the Pennswood community. The Club meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month, with a mix of new, newer, and “veteran” residents attending.

During the meetings, new residents have the opportunity to introduce themselves and meet people from the community. Residents and staff members from different clubs or departments are invited to talk about their respective activities or duties and share important information that newcomers would find helpful. It also presents an opportunity for newcomers to ask any questions.

“I thought I would have a hard time finding people willing to speak,” said Jane Crumlish, the chairperson for the Club.

Many residents and staff are excited to welcome new residents and want to help them learn everything they can about life at Pennswood. They’re eager to share their passions, in hopes of sparking that same passion in someone else. And by inviting newcomers, they’re adding new knowledge, experience and perspectives to their groups, creating an even more enriching environment for all.

Once a month, the Club hosts “bowl seating,” a way for new residents to meet other residents. Attendees who want to go to dinner with someone new can add their name to a bowl. A volunteer table hosts draws names, gathers the group, and together, they head to the dining room to enjoy a meal. Often, Newcomer dining friends will go to after-dinner activities, too, whether it’s a concert, movie or a lecture. It’s a casual way for Newcomers to meet established residents, explore what the community has to offer, and enjoy a Pennswood night out.

Something for Everyone

No matter your interests or passions, Pennswood Village has an event, activity, club or committee for you. From the Social Justice Committee and the Art Gallery Committee, to the Community Garden Committee and the Pennswood Birders, there is certainly something to pique your interest. The Newcomers Club will help you learn about them all, and let you know how to get involved.

“When a person comes here, it’s often a change in lifestyle,” said Jane. “You have your private space in your apartment home like you did before, but in addition, you have all these shared spaces that are yours too. The Newcomers Club is a way for you to learn a lot of info fast and meet new people fast!”

Jane also pointed out that when you become a resident at Pennswood, many of the daily or weekly chores you’re used to devoting time to are now taken care of for you. With campus maintenance, dining services and cleaning services, you’ll have more free time to do things that you truly enjoy.

Jane explained what it’s like: “If you need a lightbulb changed, they come and change it for you. If I want to paint, I can arrange my time so I can paint. If I want to go to an activity, I can arrange that. There are so many choices of things to do, and you can get interested in different things. When you come here, be sure to buy a calendar with lots of spaces in it!”

Want to learn more about the many opportunities at Pennswood Village? Give us a call today at 215-504-1118, or visit us online here to request a personal appointment and tour.