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Looking for Independent Options? Check Out Pennswood Village

Posted on November 1, 2019 in General

When asked what tops the list of American values, most people would respond “independence.” You might agree with this, as many of us enjoy the spirit of individualism and the sense of control of our own lives. This sense of self-reliance does not diminish with age. After all, you’ve spent your life carving your own path and building a career, perhaps raising a family and making decisions. Why stop now? If you’re looking for independent options as you research retirement living, look no further than Pennswood Village.

Woman exploring independent options at Pennswood Village

Independence never felt so good

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Pennswood Village provides a full spectrum of wellness and healthcare services but above all, it offers independent options—be it a home or a way of life.

At Pennswood, residents can choose from 11 independent living floor plans to fit any lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling the world, chairing committees or getting connected with causes you care about in the community, Pennswood has a home for your lifestyle.

But in addition to beautiful apartment homes, it’s the resident-led activities and events that make Pennswood Village truly shine. Quaker Guiding Principles such as equality, integrity, stewardship and community spill over to many committees and the relationships among residents. In the spirit of independence, and a commitment to the Quaker Guiding Principles of individual equality and inclusiveness, Pennswood encourages residents to voice opinions and offer ways to enhance their community.

For example, Pennswood Village is a dedicated steward of the environment and its EarthCare Committee works hard to bring environmental changes to the community and the world. The Social Justice Committee brings awareness of peace, equality and social justice issues, and it also partners with the Quakerism Committee to celebrate advocates of civil rights.

The spirit of you

At this point in life, you want independent options that align with your values and interests. Whatever makes you tick or whatever mood you’re in, Pennswood Village answers the call. While there are countless activities at Pennswood Village, here are just a few options to see where you might fit in:

Fitness and Fun

Creativity and the Arts

Worldly and Intellectual Pursuits

  • Conversational French group
  • Trips committee to plan local adventures
  • Poetry and prose
  • Library Committee
  • Book clubs
  • Shakespeare Society
  • Dante study group
  • Travel Adventures group

Intergenerational Connections


  • Residents read the bulletin to those with visual impairments
  • Flower committee members arrange and deliver fresh flowers weekly to our skilled nursing home residents
  • Residents pack food for the local Meals on Wheels program
  • Residents support the Trenton Rescue Mission

From committees and groups to events and off-campus excursions, these activities highlight the opportunity for physical, intellectual and personal growth at Pennswood Village.

Time to get involved

As an active and independent individual, the future is yours to create, just like you’ve done until now. Choosing a community like Pennswood means that you will have the independence and time you have craved, which will let you rediscover your passions and get involved in the things that matter the most to you. To learn more, call us at 215-504-1118, or visit us online to request a free information kit.