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Moving to Senior Living: Getting My Home Ready for Sale

Posted on August 5, 2020 in Community Feature

Selling your home is a big deal at any stage of life. When it’s a home full of memories (and accumulated belongings) it can feel even more overwhelming. For many older adults, their house is their biggest asset and the proceeds can be used to move to a senior living community. So how can you make selling your house more profitable and less stressful? Here are our top tips:

Refresh Your Living Space

A cluttered home can be off-putting for potential buyers and can make rooms look smaller, a big disappointment for growing families or those looking to invest in a starter home. Luckily, there is a wealth of resources to help remove the burden of clearing out the clutter on your own.

If the thought of organizing a lifetime of memories feels a bit overwhelming, hiring a Move Manager may be a solution to make the process of moving to a new senior living community as seamless as possible. Senior Move Managers will coordinate the entire affair, from decluttering to sending off donations, and once you’re ready to move into your apartment, they’ll handle that process as well. Once they’re done removing the clutter and unwanted furniture, your house is sure to look much more spacious, making it significantly more saleable. 

You could also save some cash by calling the Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. These charity organizations will pick up your heavy, unwanted furniture at no cost to you and donate it to a family in need. Be sure to get your receipt in case your donation can be tax deductible.

Keep It Clean

A sparkling interior shows your house has been well cared for, so call in the professionals to scrub the bathrooms and kitchens, wash the windows, clean your carpets, and sweep away any cobwebs. Be aware that potential buyers may want to look inside the oven and open up your cupboards as well.

Think About Lighting

A brightly lit interior makes your home feel warm and inviting. Before every viewing, open up blinds and drapes to let the sunlight in. If there’s an area of the house that doesn’t get much natural light, use floor lights and lamps to brighten it up or switch to more powerful bulbs.

Curb Appeal Counts

How your house looks from the outside will influence the number of viewings and determines how buyers feel as they step through the front door. Hire a landscaper or a friendly neighbor to remove debris, prune bushes, and mow the lawn to make the house look more attractive. Consider buying a new front door mat and planting some colorful annuals to create a positive first impression.

Pack Away Personal Items

Homebuyers like to see a blank canvas so they can imagine themselves moving in. Go ahead and pack away personal possessions, such as photographs and ornaments, as you stage your home for showings. Not only does this minimize decor but it can start the process of detachment. Without your belongings, the house starts to feel less like your home and more like a ‘product’ for sale.

Moving to Senior Living at Pennswood Village

Like many people, you probably have a deep emotional connection to your home and some wonderful memories to cherish. Visiting your new apartment will help you feel excited about the future. Get in touch with us to arrange a viewing and find out more about independent living at Pennswood Village.