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Community Highlight

Pennswood Village Pools: Water workouts for wellness

At Pennswood Village, a Bucks County Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), you’ll find residents swimming and playing in our two indoor pools, located in the Passmore Fitness Center. The 60-foot lap pool and the warm water exercise pool make the fitness center a popular campus destination. The lap pool is kept at 82-84 degrees and the warm water pool a pleasant 90-92 degrees.

“It’s a very beautiful building,” says Kay Silberfeld, Pennswood resident. “You can look out the windows to the trees, and it’s quite beautiful, regardless of the weather outside.”

Captivating Aquatic Classes

Aquatic classes are held every morning, except Sundays in the 9 a.m. hour and the 10 a.m. hour. The 9 a.m. class is called Aqua Blend, a combination of cardio and vigorous movements. It starts with exercises in the lap pool, and then moves into the warm water pool for a well-rounded workout.

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Peonies of Pennswood

Browse these beautiful photos of peonies at Pennswood! These are original photos shot by Pennswood Village residents. Click on each image to view a larger version.

Resident photographers: Daisy Grubbs, Margaret Carlough, Frank Follmer, and Yoma Ullman



Living Well at Pennswood Village: Fitness Amenities and Services

No matter how you like to stay fit, there’s a fitness opportunity for you at Pennswood Village. The many wellness amenities and services provided on campus make it convenient and easy to stay healthy. Just take a short walk to the Passmore Fitness Center, stroll around the grounds, join a class, or enjoy a swim in one of the pools.

Outdoor Opportunities

Pennswood Village’s 82-acre campus makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer weather months (or even the snowy months – just bring your cross country skis!). A scenic, paved walking and biking trail winds through the grounds, through the butterfly garden, bird sanctuary, and scenic campus. You can even bring your furry, four-legged friend along and stop by the dog park, too.

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A Real Page Turner: A Look Inside the Library

Home to books, magazines, audio books, kindles, movies, music, and more, the Pennswood Village library is the place for residents to go when they’re looking for a good read, or some quality entertainment.

“It’s always open,” says Caroline Swain, Pennswood resident and Chair of the Library Committee (pictured above, in blue). “You can go whenever, and check out anything at any time.”

Located in the Community Building, the library is easy to access. Conveniently located near the mailboxes, café, dining room, and lounge, it’s easy to stop by to pick up a new book, catch up on current events or check out a movie for the evening.

“We have about 6,500 books,” adds Caroline, “which is a fairly large collection for a retirement community. We also have a lot of large print books, a magnifying reader, and a reader that is able to scan materials and read them out loud.”

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Cyber Cycle: The future of exercise

Out of 85 teams across the country, Pennswood Village placed 5th during the competitive March Madness Cyber Cycle Challenge. The challenge pits different retirement communities against each other in a competition to see who can cycle the most miles on the futuristic Cyber Cycle exercise machine.

The Cyber Cycle is a stationary recumbent bike, with an added twist: a large computer screen display. As a rider pedals on the stationary bike, the virtual rider on the screen is taken through a computer-generated course. Riders must pedal, steer, and even shift gears to make it through the course. You can even pick your simulated course, whether you want to ride through a forest trail, the Pyramids of Egypt, or even through outer space!

“It’s a fun way to exercise for long periods of time,” said Pennswood resident Jon Harding. “With over 30 screens and trails to choose from, there’s a lot to look at and you can keep track of your statistics including your heartbeat, breathing rate, distance, and how you compare to other riders in your age group. The Cyber Cycle appeals to those of us who like details, a great workout, and a competitive challenge,” continued Harding. Harding has been cycling for years and used to train with a cousin who was a competitive cyclist. He finished second at Pennswood with a total of 212 miles during the challenge, finishing 19th overall.

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The Incredible Spirit of Giving at Pennswood Village

14November is a month for reflection and generosity. Not only will we celebrate Thanksgiving, but it is also Philanthropy Month. Pennswood Village is a caring community, as stated in our mission. Generosity as a guiding principle recognizes that residents, staff, and board are united in responsibility to each other and to the broader community. Our Quaker Guiding Principles guide our understanding of generosity and we embrace the idea that our lives together are enriched through this culture that has been sustained since our founding in 1980.

During the past year, fundraising efforts at Pennswood Village have raised over $1 million for the community’s Fellowship Fund, which provides monetary assistance for residents who have outlived their financial resources. In addition to the Fellowship Fund, Pennswood Village has other funds to benefit a variety of causes that help maintain our tradition of excellence. The Employee Scholarship Fund, for instance, helps employees with the cost of pursuing a certificate or college degree, and The Endowment Fund helps maintain the financial strength and well-being of the community and its residents.

Cultivating a Culture of Giving

There is a special atmosphere at Pennswood Village that allows for a close-knit, family-like community. With residents and employees alike both embracing and promoting traditions of generosity, the community has remained strong, and continues to grow stronger.

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Exploring Middle Eastern Culinary Delights from Pennswood’s Dining Room

Photos by Nicole Jones

puff-pastry-02Pennswood residents celebrated August birthdays, Middle Eastern style, with an intriguing international exploration experienced from their own dining room. This event was a festive and flavorful mix of good friends and diverse cuisines including Arab, Persian, Israeli, Kurdish, Armenian, Georgian and Turkish foods.

appetizer-02There was chatter, big smiles and clinking of glasses as diners sampled Chef Steve’s authentic menu developed through his research of the many cultures represented. Through their combined efforts, residents indulged in intriguingly tantalizing tastes from fresh mint and rich cheeses, to creamy yogurt sauce and sweet honey.

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Putting Green is the Latest Addition to the Pennswood Sports Center


Pennswood Village’s New Putting Green

Photos Courtesy of Barbie Bromley and Yoma Ullman.

On June 15, nearly 80 residents (and one dog) warmly welcomed the new putting green to the Pennswood Village Sports Center with a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration. The 9-hole putting green is an addition to the already existing bocce ball and croquet courts, creating diverse choices for all to enjoy at the Pennswood Sports Center.

“It’s very similar to miniature golf. You simply play with a putter,” says Jack Williams, Pennswood resident and member of the Sports Center Committee, “but the obstacles are the slope and the “quickness” of the green that controls the rolling speed of the ball.”

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A Life Transformed with Nordic Poles

Nancy Arnold

Nancy Arnold

Pennswood Village residents Nancy and Henry Arnold were planning a trip to Paris last year. As former life-long New Yorkers, they thrive in an urban setting and were looking forward to seeing as much of the City of Lights as possible – on foot, like good urban dwellers. Nancy was challenged by growing health concerns that her trip to Paris would change from long strolls by the Seine and hours in museums to being unable to participate in these activities. Coffee sitting in cafes is only enjoyable up to a point. The neuropathy in her feet was getting worse and she had recently begun using a walker to help with stability and balance. Her back had begun to curve from all of the looking down that she needed to do to maintain her balance.

After talking about the challenges of bringing a walker to Paris, Henry suggested she try Nordic Poles, something they had seen all ages using throughout a lifetime of travel in Europe. Nancy got her first set of poles in June and “immediately I felt a change in my body,” she says.

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Transformations: Art from Trash Exhibit Opens in Fiberworks Gallery

Jointly sponsored by the Fiberworks Gallery and the Environmental Concerns Committee, on Sunday afternoon October 4, the Fiberworks exhibition entitled, “TRANSFORMATIONS: ART FROM TRASH,” opened in the Passmore Lounge, the gallery’s new location. Participants were encouraged by organizers Daisy Grubbs and Ann Baker to create three-dimensional works in relief or free-standing using materials normally consigned to trash bins or baskets. The result of their hard work is a thoroughly delightful, creative display of art by the skilled and unskilled.


Styrofoam Dandy

The spirit of the show is deftly captured by Beth Barnes in her “Chaos” composed of a paint covered dish drain and found objects hung side by side with Ann Baker’s slick “Styrofoam Dandy,” Styrofoam plus plastic pellets. Other found objects are celebrated by Leslie Wendell in “Presents from Maud,” her much loved pet dog. Miniature clothes pins, string, photographs and a frame become “Captured Time” in the hands of Mary Kay Martin.

Presents from Maud

Presents from Maud

A particularly unusual transformation was executed by Art Crooke, a boat transom retrieved by a scuba diver morphed into a coffee table.


Atop his sister Daisy Grubbs’ clever doll house are several unique solar panels made from sponges, foil, and plastic straws.


An assemblage/cum collage cut from the inserts of Android packaging and entitled “Mask” by Edith Newmark, harks back to the second decade of the nineteen hundreds when Pablo Picasso created the guitars that introduced the modern collage to the French art world.


This is just a sampling of the many charming objects which will cheer your passage through Passmore Lounge until the end of the year.





by Nancy Warfield for the Fiberworks Gallery and Environmental Concerns Committee

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