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As we continue to monitor both the state and federal responses to addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19), Pennswood Village has implemented heightened precautionary measures to protect and ensure the health and wellness of our residents and employees.  Our priority remains in keeping our community safe and well-informed while vigilantly minimizing the potential introduction and spread of the coronavirus.  As this situation further develops, we will continue to provide updated communication on this website.

Pennswood Village COVID-19 Resident and Public Communications are located in the tabs below. 

*Posted 4/3/2020 (updated 4/10/20)


CLICK HERE to view & download instructions for CLOTH FACE COVERING USAGE

Pennswood has an adequate amount of masks. To be good stewards of our supply we would like share the following guidelines.

  • All masks are to be worn upon entering the building and removed on leaving the building. They are not to be worn at other places, only at Pennswood. All masks should be stored in paper bags, not plastic bags.
  • Disposable Masks – Color does not matter. Disposable masks are to be worn for 72 working hours (3 days).  Full time workers should put name and date on them when first received. Part time workers should put the name and date of each day worn to help remember how many days it has been worn. To get a new mask after 72 hours (3 days) of use please bring your old one with you. In clinical settings it may be necessary to change out masks more often. Use your department’s guidelines in the clinical setting always. Wear these masks only at Pennswood and store them in a paper bag when not in use.
  • Fabric Masks – Staff not providing direct care can wear the fabric masks made by residents. The resident “Masketeers” are still working on getting masks to us. Fabric masks should be laundered at home. We will distribute them to departments as they come in.


*as of 3/23/20

There are NO VISITORS permitted at Pennswood Village during The Stay at Home Order mandated by Governor Wolf’s office, which remains in place until further notice. Residents are asked to contact their families to let them know there are no visitors allowed.

For questions, please call our main number at 215-968-9110.