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Were all about the culture the people and the work The culture A culture based on the six Quaker guiding principles is something thats simply not found everywhere. Although these principles are not often expressed in words everyday actions at Pennswood Village speak volumes about how theyre lived. Inherent values deeply affect how employees treat one another and how they respond to our residents and guests. The prevailing culture is a big reason why so many of our employees have remained here for so long. Culture people and work li The people Deep relationships help define the atmosphere at Pennswood Village. This is a pleasant friendly supportive place where people feel more like family and a positive work-life balance is encouraged and respected. Our passionate employees share a strong work ethic and are at home within a culture of service to others. The work Caring for others is fulfilling work for many it is more of a calling than an occupation. Those who are called to Pennswood Village are drawn to a place where their career goals can be fulfilled and their daily efforts are appreciated and rewarded by their employer. Come be successful Success is measured in many ways if your idea of success includes being supported and uplifted each day while doing work that is as rewarding as it is challenging we invite you to join our team. ift the spirit and define a life Pennswood Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Bucks County Pennsylvania. We are home to more than 400 seniors 65 and older and emplp oy more than 400 dedicated individuals in nursing dining services housekeeping human resources fifinance markke iting a dnd more. This is a place of stunning natural beauty and hospitality withThis is a place of stunning natural beauty and hospitality with campus amenities providing opportunities for physical intellectual social and spiritual growth and a continuum of on-campus resident- centered healthcare. Six principlesequality integrity stewardship simplicity peace and non-violence and communityguide the lives of Quakers and the everyday work life at Pennswood Village. When we asked our employees what made working at our community so special they were quick to respond praising our Strong interpersonal connection between community and individuals Generous paid time off and positive work-life balance Flexibility in work schedules Friendliness and support of one another Strong work ethic and sense of pride in doing the work Care exhibited toward residents and fellow staff members A culture shaped by Quaker Guiding Principles Visit Pennswood.orgcareers today to inquire about open positions. is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities. All employment decisions policies and practices are in accordance with applicable federal state and local anti-discrimination laws. Pennswood Village will not engage in or tolerate unlawful discrimination including any form of unlawful harassment on account of a persons sex age race color religion creed sexual preference or orientation marital status national origin ancestry citizenship military status veteran status handicap or disability or any other protected group or status. For those who sincerely care about others Pennswood Village is the perfect place to be welcomed and nurtured. In a recent survey the responses from our employees showed that they feel we offer more including Great people youll want to work with Professionals who are passionately dedicated to their work Determination to reward hard work and to promote successful careers Unique and flexible employee incentives to fit many needs Exceptional benefits Generous paid time off Work may sometimes be hard but it should always be rewarding and uplifting. At Pennswood Village youll discover a dedicated group of professionals who have found their place to soar. We invite you to join them. Visit Pennswood.orgcareers today to inquire about open positions. 1382 Newtown-Langhorne Road Newtown PA 18940 215-968-9110 Passion and commitment run deep here C o n t i n u e r e a d i n g f o r Quaker Guiding Principles EQUALITY Friends believe that God lives in every person and that respect must be shown for differences among individuals regardless of race color class religion ethnicity handicap or sexual orientation. Friends believe in actively encouraging efforts to overcome prejudices and antagonisms. At Pennswood Village we welcome inclusiveness and celebrate the presence of many faiths ethnic groups and cultures. INTEGRITY Friends regard honesty truthfulness and fairness as fundamental to all endeavors. In our day-to-day operations we encourage integrity and respect among the staff residents business partners and the community at large. Our management and board members abide by our conflict-of-interestOur management and board members abide by our conflict of interest policy and are committed to our corporate compliance program. STEWARDSHIP Friends believe that Gods gifts have been entrusted to us for our responsible use. RRecog ini ition off hthe source off hthe igiffts fafffects hthe qu laliity fof our lliives as we seek an understanding of Gods will. At Pennswood Village this principle influences our proper sharing of economic and environmental resources and our sense of responsibility for ongoiing serviice tto oththers. Stewardship also affects how our Board of Directors makes investment decisions that use our funds in a socially responsible manner. continues on back Quaker Guiding Principles shape the work life at Pennswood Village SIMPLICITY Friends believe enjoyment of life is achieved when we are free of distractions and excesses. Comfortable unpretentious surroundings promote a lifestyle that encourages common pleasures. At Pennswood Village opportunities abound for enrichment through participation in the arts music and hobbies. Intergenerational activities include work with the George School Newtown Friends School Bucks County Community College our public schools community service projects and many other activities. PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE Friends believe that violence violates the sanctity of human life. The Quaker Peace Testimony requires us to honor that of God in everyone. We seek to model peacefulness and collegiality in all our relationships and gatherings and resolve to be open patient and respectful when mediating differences. Our commitment to peace and non-violence demands zero tolerance of violence at Pennswood Village calls for us to be good neighbors and if so moved to become instruments of peace in our community and the larger world. COMMUNITY In 1976 the testimonies of the Society of Friends guided the founding of Pennswood Village and continue to provide guidance to the corporate board the residents association our employees and all those who live in the community. The testimonies of community continue to serve as a spiritual base for all. 1382 Newtown-Langhorne Road Newtown PA 18940 215-968-9110 Visit Pennswood.orgcareers today to inquire about open positions. 1382 Newtown-Langhorne Road Newtown PA 18940 215-968-9110