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Social Interaction

Whether it’s defined as a group, a fellowship or a place, a community is a sum of its parts. Pennswood Village is home to extraordinary individuals who have come together to collectively create a place of true hospitality, with many opportunities for physical, intellectual and spiritual interaction and growth. Find extraordinary people who believe in common goals. Call 215-504-1118 today for a personal appointment. For some, these pursuits are more contemplative and center around reading, engaging in conversation or attending a cultural event. When the pursuits become more active, residents take advantage of the fitness center, varied fitness classes, croquet, bocce courts, putting green, a dog park, and more. It is a convivial atmosphere of shared interests, as well as a diversity of beliefs, that are welcomed and celebrated.


Pennswood Village Residents Association (PVRA)

The Pennswood Village Residents Association (PVRA) is the organizational face of a vibrant community of individuals inspired by Quaker values. All residents of Pennswood Village are members of the PVRA. The PVRA functions to organize resident committees, to manage PVRA funds, and to interface with the Pennswood Village Administration and its Corporate Board, as one leg of the “three legged stool” that constitutes Pennswood governance.

At Pennswood, residents organize themselves into many interest groups. Currently, there are around 75 such resident groups at Pennswood that range from the Library, Bocce, and Flower committees, to the Concerts Committee, Forum Speakers, Trends in Eldercare, Bridge, Clay Space, Pennswood Birders, Resident Artists, Trips, Community Gardens, Flea Market, La Mesa Española, and many others.

Learn More About the PVRA, Download Our Brochure