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Quaker Guiding Principles At Pennswood Village

Pennswood Village is guided in its philosophy and practices by the principles of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), particularly the basic tenet that the spirit of God resides in each of us. Respect for the sanctity of every life is inherent in that belief. The acknowledgement of that sanctity affects the quality of care and services provided for residents, relationships among residents, employees, and Board members, our business practices, and our endeavor to interact with others in an equal, fair, respectful, and loving manner. In addition, Pennswood is guided by the principle of continuing revelation and the practice of making decisions by consensus under the guidance of the Spirit.
Pennswood Village has also embraced as Guiding Principles the Quaker testimonies which have evolved as ideals based on the belief in the presence of God in our lives. They are equality, integrity, stewardship, simplicity, peace and non-violence, and community.

EQUALITY: Because there is that of God in every person, we respect differences among individuals, regardless of race, color, class, religion, ethnicity, handicap, or sexual orientation, and actively encourage efforts to overcome prejudices and antagonisms. We welcome inclusiveness and celebrate the presence of many faiths, ethnic groups, and cultures represented at Pennswood.

INTEGRITY: Honesty, truthfulness and fairness are fundamental to all our endeavors. In our day-to-day operations we attempt to live with integrity and respect among the staff, residents, business partners, and the community at large. Management staff and Board members abide by our conflict of interest policy and are committed to our corporate compliance program.

STEWARDSHIP: Friends believe that God’s gifts have been entrusted to us for our responsible use. Recognition of the source of the gifts affects the quality of our lives as we seek an understanding of God’s will. At Pennswood Village, stewardship emphasizes the right sharing of economic and environmental resources, and a sense of responsibility for ongoing service to our fellow men and women. Furthermore, our Board of Directors makes investment decisions affecting our funds in a socially responsible manner.

SIMPLICITY: Enjoyment of life is achieved when one is unfettered by distractions and excesses. Comfortable unpretentious surroundings promote a life style that encourages common pleasures. Opportunities abound for enrichment through participation in the arts and music, hobbies, intergenerational activities with George School, Newtown Friends School, Bucks County Community College classes, and our public schools, community service projects or other activities.

PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE: Friends believe that violence violates the sanctity of human life. The Quaker Peace Testimony requires us to honor that of God in everyone. Thus, we seek to model peacefulness and collegiality in all our relationships and gatherings and to be open, patient, and respectful when resolving differences. Our commitment to peace and non-violence demands zero tolerance of violence at Pennswood and calls for us to be good neighbors and, if so moved, instruments of peace in our community and the larger world.

COMMUNITY: In 1976 the vision of a group of Friends to create a life care community based on Quaker values became a reality. The testimonies of the Society guided their decisions because they were so much a part of the lives of the members of the founding committee. Throughout the ensuing years these testimonies have provided a guide for the corporate board, the residents association, employees, and all those who live at Pennswood Village, and continue to serve as a spiritual base for all.

A caring community has evolved and is sustained. Our support of each other in our joys and our sorrows, and in ways large and small is the essence of our lives together.