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Visiting Pennswood Village

Effective August 12, 2021

Visitation Guidelines:  For current COVID-19 visitation guidelines, please call our main number at 215-968-9110. 

All vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors must wear a mask while in all public spaces. 

Independent Living:

  • No outside visitors, even if they are vaccinated, can dine-in at Pennswood Village.  
  • The Barclay continues to be closed to Independent Living dining.
  • All visitors must wear a mask in all common areas (Hallways, Community building, Penn Hall, Resident Activity Space, etc.) while visiting the campus, including children. 
  • When going to Resident Health, you need to bring your mask to enter the area to be seen by one of the staff members.
  • Guests staying in your home should be limited to a max of three days.
  • We ask that when you leave the Pennswood campus that you wear a mask.

Health Care:  Family and friends of Healthcare residents that live permanently or temporarily in our health care areas, Woolman and Barclay, continue to need to visit with a mask either vaccinated or unvaccinated.  Family and friends at this time continue not to be able to have a meal with their family or friend in the Health Care Dining Room.

Planning a Visit to Pennswood Village:

Step 1: Contact your friend or family member to plan a visit to Pennswood.

Step 2: The resident can send you information by email, or you can download the form below to print and complete before your arrival.

Click, Download, Print and Complete Form using link below:

COVID-19 Questionnaire Form

Each visitor needs their own completed form every time they visit.

Step 3: On arrival, the Welcome Center attendant will take your completed form, record your temperature and ask for proof of vaccination. If you show proof of vaccination, you will receive a visitor badge that notes you have shown proof of vaccination, you will need to be masked while on the Pennswood property, including Health Care areas. This badge must be worn and be visible at all times while you are on the Pennswood campus. Unvaccinated visitors can continue to visit and will receive a different visitor badge that must be worn at all times.